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    Magdalena Horanin

    Hi, I have a problem with setting up the right automation for the confirmation emails.
    Below is what I need
    1. A user places the reservation.
    2. An Admin gets the e-mail about a new booking waiting for his/her confirmation
    3. Admin sends an e-mail to the user with Bank Details (no card or Paypal payments will be available on the website)
    4. The user has 24h to transfer the money
    5. After receiving the transfer the user gets a confirmation email

    At this moment I can only send 2 and 5. Is it possible to add this extra step (no. 3)? I’ve seen there is an option to choose ‘Waiting for the payment’ status in an admin panel, but this doesn’t trigger any email.

    I will be grateful for help.

    Alex M

    No, there is no automation in such scenario. While Admin will manually review a booking request on step #2 why Admin can’t manually send an email on step #3?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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