Remove fees with a coupon code?

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    Is there any way a fee can be removed by usage of a coupon code?
    I have added an additional fee per person to all accommodation types but I can only generate coupons that will deduct an amount per accommodation, not per person. Therefore, if I wish certain guests to not have to pay that specific fee there is no way for me to remove the fee from their booking.
    How can this be solved? Is there any other way to remove fees for certain bookings other then with a coupon?
    Thank you!

    Kerry Miller

    I would be interested in this as well, but for the Cleaning Fee. Right now the cleaning fee is not able to be discounted when a coupon code is applied. It’s not a dealbreaker but would be nice if the coupon could apply to the whole amount, not just the accommodation price.

    J. Davis


    Thanks for your feedback. I’ve added your votes to the task and we will notify you when we have any news on this.

    best regards,
    John Davis

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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