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    Garth Penglase

    I am using Profile builder plugin to add a basic WP registration & WP login page to the site.

    The contact form area includes the inbuilt emmett theme RECAPTCHA details and works correctly. However without any other recaptcha plugin added, with no RECPATCHA field added to Profile Builder form fields, and with no visible repatcha JS or code of any kind on the login page, I am getting the following error when we try to login with known correct account details we get:
    “ERROR: Incorrect CAPTCHA Entered.”
    However there is no recatpcha visible on the page.

    All caches were disabled and Cloudflare put into development mode. And as I stated, we checked the raw html each time. We tried it with and without additional Recaptcha plugins and while the Profile Builder WP registration page successfully added a recaptcha and worked, it added a recaptcha to the login apge as well but still displayed this message.

    We since removed the external recaptcha plugin and reset everything back to no recaptcha fields or code, except for the internal emmett contact recpatcha – still no luck.
    Then we disabled the emmett recaptcha code, still no luck.
    Then we entirely removed all keys and had it disabled, still no luck.
    So there is no recpatcha code that should be loading anywhere – and noone is loading on the login page, but however we continue to get this error, which I can only assume is validation code in the emmett css somewhere.

    J. Davis

    Hi Garth,

    Thank you for describing the situation. We’d like to check settings of Emmet and of Profile Builder plugin that is why we have submitted a request for you. Please check your inbox and reply back. Thank you.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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