Please check your booking rules….

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    Jonathan Keller

    Please check your booking rules….I have an open ticket for this but because many of us may not even notice the booking rules are not working properly I thought it would be a good idea to post this.
    The functionality that we had in the booking rules in 4.8.8 is lost, I tried going through the code in 4.9.0 and it looks like you did a complete rewrite here with the booking rules and the page “reservation-rules.php” no longer even existing.I have reverted back to 4.8.8 and the booking rules are working. It is obvious to me anyway that I can’t be the only ones having this problem, I’m sure others will have booking rules with dates that overlap and depend on the order of the rules as such. If it wasn’t for a very specific inquiry I had from a customer I might not even have noticed that the rules were not working properly so it may take some time for others to notice, or perhaps it’s just my install but after looking at the amount of code changes in regards to the booking rules I am doubtful.
    Looking at the patch notes as shown below I do find it odd that completely changing the booking rules up to and including deleting pages that used to handle this function is not listed in the patch notes. I would ask as I’m sure others would that items of this nature should be included in patch notes, this is not a minor change like re-writing a few lines. Deleting an entire code page in my opinion is a Major change. Since my problem starts after 4.9.0 I can only assume that the changes were under the heading of “Minor bug fixes and improvements.” and in my opinion this is definitely inaccurate… Rewriting the way something works entirely is a Major code change and thus customers should be told about these changes so we can test our systems properly and can ensure our guests are not impacted.
    I have been in I.T and specifically the resort industry now for close to 25 years, I have seem much software come and go, I have worked with Opera, Oracle, Micros, Maestro and more, and one thing that many of theses major brands have is a release cycle that is manageable for I.T Departments. Aka Major updates every 6 months maximum, minors updates every 3 and if it’s a security update, immediately. I have seen your release cycle seem to creep up in speed for a while now and I can tell you it is better to wait for the version that is tested backwards and forwards and inside out rather than get the update that introduced a new feature not fully tested that causes issues for clients.
    Your support is stellar and I love your software, keep up the good work and I hope my comments here are taken for what they are,most obviously from the peanut gallery but with the best intentions of keeping this Software #1 in my books for SMB,s.
    4.9.1, Mar 12 2024
    Fixed an issue with applying ‘not stay-in’ booking rules and loading availability calendar data.
    4.9.0, Mar 11 2024 <– No Work
    Improved calendar loading speed.
    Upgraded Stripe to the new API, added Klarna, and removed the retiring SOFORT payment method.
    Minor bugfixes and improvements. <— 0.0
    4.8.8, Jan 10 2024 <–Works
    Fixed an issue with viewing booking information in the admin calendar.Upon upgrading to 4.9.0 and later, booking rules no longer work properly no matter the order I put them in. And as you can see the dates are no longer greyed out allowing the user to book two nights on a long weekend which should be impossible.

    Pavel Lukáš

    Thank you for the comprehensive response. It’s sad because this booking system is great but the latest updates make it an almost unusable product. I stay with the latest working version 4.7.4. Version 4.8.x slows down the calendars and now I read that the new version 4.9.x has problems with the rules. I confirm that the support is good, but here they respond slowly to the forum and usually just write that they are recording another vote for editing. All new versions should be tested more and not leave it to customers who lose clients.

    I am sorry for my bad English.


    @Jonathan, have you checked this issue at the front-end? Booking rules are ignored when placing a booking through wordpress-admin.
    I’ve staged the latest release of the plugin 4.10.1 and the rules seem to work fine? Anyone else having issues with this?

    Jonathan Keller

    Received an email from support, they have been able to replicate the issue and the problem is now with the devs to be patched.

    J. Davis

    Hi, the issue should be fixed since 4.10.2 Please update the plugin and let us know if it works correctly now.

    Jonathan Keller

    I have updated our site and it looks like this issue is now resolved!
    Thank you!

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