PDF invoices – hide booking details possible?

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    Maurice Couwenberg


    is it possible to …?
    – hide the booking details
    – show just the accommodation name + tariff
    (+ optionally the total ammount if this is easier to organise this all together)
    – show the payment status

    The reason for this is that in Portugal I have to organise an invoice per payment in an approved invoicing system by the tax office. I just need a simple way to provide the payment value / date and customer info to the accountant who has such a system.

    Anyone ideas how to do this?


    Maurice Couwenberg

    alternatively perhaps I can use the payment received email of the add on automatic payments. In our case we register manually payments in the system. If this is done it would be nice if the payment received email would be triggered.

    Question, can I only use payment received email, how to activate only this one?

    (because the (automatic) payment request email is not applicable for us because we have for 2 or 3 payment terms for 1 reservation. Perhaps we can use it manually with everytime a new payment created with status “awaiting payment”, so the customer can see which he has to pay (in stead of total balance due)

    All tips are welcome


    Maurice Couwenberg

    I tested the registration of a manual payment while the “automatic payments add on is activated. the payment request function works (email received) but the payment received email not….When /how is this one triggered?

    Andre Flores

    Hello Maurice,

    There is no option to edit the PDF invoices for now, however, we do have such a feature request and might consider implementing this option in one of the plugin future updates.
    As for the Payment Request add-on, your disable Payment Request e-mail in settings: https://prnt.sc/zlxslc and leave the Payment Received e-mail only.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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