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    On the Payment Gateways (General Settings) there is an option called “User pays”, and it has 2 options “Full Amount” OR “Deposit”. Is there a way to give the user/buyer an option to “Pay Full Amount” or they can simply “Make a percentage deposit” during checkout? This way the user has 2 options and not forced to do one or other?

    Let me know.



    J. Davis

    Hi Orlando,

    Thank you for the questions. At the moment you should select 1 option to allow users to pay full amount or deposit. I think it would be troublesome to control each user and payment. If you have an example or can describe the way it will work I would appreciate that.

    Best regards,

    Nick Shemenski

    I would also like this option.

    Not sure why, “it would be troublesome to control each user and payment.”

    If they pay in full then everything is all set, if they paid the deposit then you either use the “Hotel Booking Payment Request” plugin or manually send an email to request the remaining balance.

    I think this is pretty self explanatory, but here goes.

    Guest is ready to book reservation and wants to pay it all at once, they select “Pay Full Amount”

    A different guest would rather pay the deposit now and wait until a later date to pay the remaining.

    That seems pretty straight forward to me and I am really surprised this is not requested more. Please consider adding this option in the future.

    Thank you

    Mary Evans

    Hello, thank you for your upvotes. We have added the request of activating both deposit and full amount at one time. We will notify you as soon as this gets implemented.
    Our developers make a decision on what features to add after each plugin update based on the quantity of requests for different features. In case anybody else wished this feature to be added, please, leave your votes here.

    Best Regard,
    Mary Evans

    Aron Martinez

    +1 for this feature request


    +1, there should be option, as non refundable rate should be paid in full, while a refundable rate could use just a deposit.

    RoseAnn Rufrano

    +1 vote from me. The refundable deposit should be a hold placed on the credit card and then payment released upon check out. Otherwise we get charged fees for the deposit and then fees for refunded deposit.
    Hope this make sense.

    Andre Flores

    Hello RoseAnn,

    Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. I have added your up-vote to the feature request.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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