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    Gabriel Novo

    Creating new pages using the Motopress Content Editor works fine, but I’m having issues with the slug (aka page URL).

    The pages are created as subs of a parent page for menu and navigation purposes. When I create the new page using Motopress the slug is automatically give a 2 at the end even though there are no other pages with that same name. I can’t remove the 2 and deleting/recreating the page doesn’t help either. This only happens once I’ve moved the new page under its parent.

    I’m using Motopress Content Editor Version 2.0.3

    J. Davis

    Hi Gabriel,

    It’s for the first time we get to know about such an issue. I would recommend you to check Permalinks settings. Try to Add New Page using default WordPress editor, name it and publish. Is URL correct?
    Could you submit a request providing admin access to your WordPress and website URL. We’ll check that for you.

    Best regards,

    Gabriel Novo

    I went through the issue again and it appears to be a WordPress problem. Had to directly edit the database in order to correct the problem.

    MotoPress is in the clear. Thanks for the speedy reply.

    Small suggestion, you may want to implement “reply notification” on this forum. I almost forgot I had written something here.

    Aaron Larson

    Wondering if you could tell me how you edited the DB? I’m having the same issue but there’s no duplicate page slugs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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