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    Harish Sharma

    Can we create a package and sell the same using Hotel Booking plugin.

    Basically I want to combine rooms and services and make a package. Then sell the package online.

    Is this possible?

    Please advise.


    Joke Scholte

    Yes I am interested too! My client offers Special cycling packages during summer and skiing packages during winter. I am no yet sure how to proceed.

    Mary Evans


    Do you mean, you need to rent accommodations + services, however, services should be included by default?
    If so, in Hotel Booking there is no possibility to make a service included by default, a guest should select it if needed at the Checkout page.
    Only taxes/fees can be added automatically to a booking (they can be created in the Bookings tab > Taxes & Fees).
    However, you may still add the needed services to the needed accommodation types but include their price to the acc. type rate and specify this information.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Jessica Klein

    Voting up this feature – would like to sell bundled packages with room nights with addon services included – maybe you can use the rates feature to achieve something like this?

    Andre Flores

    Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your up-vote, it is much appreciated. I have added it to the feature request, we are currently collecting feedback from our users. In case there are more requests from them, we might consider developing such feature for one of the plugin future updates.


    Magdalena Horanin

    Voting up for this too

    Rolf Riethm├╝ller

    This feature would be nice to define packages. We have a customer who want’s to create events with included services (like halfboard, wine degustation etc.).

    Mathieu Castonguay

    My god I need this too! My client sell hunting, fishing, kayak and biking package. I was forced to make a shitload of services for that. My accomodation pages look like shit and messed up.

    Andre Flores

    Hello there,

    Thank you for your up-votes, they have been counted.

    My client sell hunting, fishing, kayak and biking package.

    You may try adding those packages as separate accommodation types and assign them to separate category, so your guests could search for accommodations and for packages separately if needed.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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