Looking for a way to charge a one time fee

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    Bernd Peter


    I have a the same problem described in this post:

    Way to add a fee for 1-2 Nights only

    . I am looking for a way to charge a one time fee e.g. 100 Euro no matter how mahny people use the house or how many days they stay.

    I can’t find this option in Bookings>Taxes & Fees. There are only percentage fees or fees which are connected to the amount of people and days they stay.



    Set up your cleaning fee with “per accommodation / per day” as the TYPE, and set the LIMIT to 1 day. This effects a one time charge for the reservation.

    Jeffrey Donchez

    for me, that didn’t work because I waive the fee if they are staying 3 or more days, and there’s no way to do a fee with a negative amount..

    so like I can’t do a 1 day fee of $30 and then a 3rd day fee of -$30

    so what I had to do was conditional pricing that charges $30 extra for 1 or 2 days stay..

    Andre Flores

    Hello Jeffrey,

    That is correct, there is no option to apply a fee depending on a length of stay, unfortunately. The only way to achieve the desired results is to add a fee to rates directly, as you have mentioned in your previous reply, and adding a notice to your guests know that the fee is included starting from a 3-nights stay.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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