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    I have a purchased theme Oceania and added Stripe as a payment gateway yesterday and have trouble getting the modal window for Stripe to initiate without the Test Payment check box ‘checked’. Hence the modal window will only appear to pay when I have the generic Test Payment checkbox selected. This occurs for both Stripe Live and Test (sandbox mode). Instead when I click to Book now on my Complete Booking it sends the page back to a nearly blank Complete Booking page again with errors saying:

    “is a required field.
    is a required field. ”

    Additionally, I cannot see the Add Bookings function in my Bookings section in the dashboard. I can add a payment but not a manual booking.

    I deactivated Ninja Forms and WP Table plugins in case there was a conflict but there is not change.
    I appreciate your assistance. THanks.

    J. Davis


    Thank you for your comment. We have managed to replicate the issue you described when Stripe payment is enabled only. We’ll fix it in the next release.
    As for back-end booking so it is not available currently. You can book rooms at front-end for now. You can do that without paying if you need to disable some room type for some period.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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