Not receiving any emails to my yahoo account

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    Stewart Herdman

    Im not getting any messages in my yahoo email account when using the Hotel Booking plug-in Reservation Form. Not even in spam. Ive checked the email address is correct in the email settings, Ive even downloaded and set up another plug-in called Post SMTP but still nothing.

    When mesaages are sent from the Contact Page of my Wordpess site then I receive them no problem.

    Does this plug-in work with yahoo email addresses?

    J. Davis

    Hi Stewart,

    Thanks for contacting us. Hotel Booking plugin does not have any restriction for the email providers. Make sure the proper email templates per your confirmation mode are enabled.

    Could you try using other email and check if emails from Hotel Booking are delivered properly to other email provider?

    best regards,

    Stewart Herdman

    Hi John,

    When you say “Make sure the proper email templates per your confirmation mode are enabled” I think I’ve done this. I went into Accomodation > Settings > Admin Emails. Ive had a look at “Pending Booking” email “Approved Booking” email etc. The box to disable these emails is NOT ticked. The recipient email address is my correct yahoo address. Ive copied and pasted the text from the Pending Booking email below. Was there something else I need to do?

    As regards trying another email address when I go into Accomodation > Settings > Email Settings I can change the address where it says “From Email” but when I do that and go to Admin Emails the recipient for the emails is still my Yahoo address and I dont seem to be able to change that.

    In Accomodation > Settings > License I hadnt activated my Hotel Booking plug-in license and I thought that was the problem but I have put in my license key now and I still dont get any emails.

    What else can I try?

    Booking #%booking_id% is pending for Administrator approval.

    View Booking

    Check-in: %check_in_date%, from %check_in_time%
    Check-out: %check_out_date%, until %check_out_time%

    Name: %customer_first_name% %customer_last_name%
    Email: %customer_email%
    Phone: %customer_phone%
    Note: %customer_note%


    J. Davis

    Hi Stewart,

    It looks like you found out that emails are being delivered when you use other email domains. So we recommend to review configurations and filters of Yahoo email address.

    best regards,

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