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    Hello, I have a menu page with all items, and it is showing all items in each category. However, when I put in the short code for a page with just the items in that particular category, not all items are showing up.

    For example, here is a category page missing items:
    with short code:
    [mprm_items view=”grid” categ=”26″ tags_list=”32,36,34,27,28,30″ item_ids=”” col=”3″ categ_name=”none” show_attributes=”1″ feat_img=”1″ excerpt=”1″ price=”0″ tags=”1″ ingredients=”1″ link_item=”1″ desc_length=””]

    Meanwhile, here is a page with all categories which does show all the items:
    with short code:
    [mprm_items view=”grid” categ=”24,26,23,25″ tags_list=”” item_ids=”” col=”3″ categ_name=”with_img” show_attributes=”1″ feat_img=”1″ excerpt=”1″ price=”1″ tags=”1″ ingredients=”1″ link_item=”1″ desc_length=””]

    Thank you for the awesome plugin!


    J. Davis

    Hi Gerald,

    It is rather difficult to analyze the issue and detect the reason why this happened. I need to check settings and attributes of those menu items, categories, etc.
    Could you submit a request providing an exported file of your menu so I’ll check it on my side.

    Best regards,




    Here is a link that should take you to the XML code:

    www. whitehousecateringkc. com/download/

    Thank you,



    Stacy Lind

    Hi Gerald,

    Thank you for the import data.
    I see that while adding a shortcode on this page, you pick which tags to be displayed, too. By doing so you tell the plugin to display the items from the chosen category that bare these tags. The missing menu items do not have these tags and that is why they are not displayed. While adding a shortcode do not choose any tags if you want all your items to be shown.
    Let us know if it was helpful.



    Stacy and John,

    Thank you so much for the information. I will put it into practice.

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