Needs to be admin email for bookings even if payment not completed.

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    Jan Ridenour

    The system has alot of great features..except….
    When a booking is made and the option is checked for “confirm upon payment” – If for some reason, the customer doesn’t not complete their payment..Paypal or Stripe, etc. then the admin is NOT emailed any kind of notice that a booking was even made.

    From the guest standpoint, they think they have reserved and have no idea that their booking will be abandoned/cancelled if not paid.

    Shouldn’t there be an option to notify the admin a booking has been made without continually logging in to check?

    It would be nice to be able to get an email about potential booking so a guest could be contacted and help them with their payment if needed.


    Ariel Leguizamon

    i agree too. would be very helpful if there is an option to sent emails to contact clients at will. for example if they want to see their payments status for when they pay a deposit and need to see their balance.

    Mary Evans


    We’ve added your idea to our feature requests list and will notify you as soon as this gets implemented.
    In case anybody else needs this feature, feel free to leave your upvotes here since our developers make a decision on what features to add after each plugin update based on the number of requests for different features.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Jan Ridenour

    Thanks…we look forward to it. That will make life much easier.

    Ashleigh Bamford

    +1 vote!

    This would be very handy as i am having issues with the booking system and stripe integrating. This would enable me to confirm guest bookings instead of them sitting as abandoned while guests think they are booked in.

    Andre Flores

    Hello Ashleigh,

    Thank you for your up-vote, it has been counted. If you are facing any issues with Stripe payments on your website, kindly submit a request to our Help Desk providing temporary access to your WordPress dashboard, so we take a closer look at the issue.


    Shelley Montreuil

    +1 vote


    Jake Masson

    +1 vote for notifications of abandoned bookings on payment page

    J. Davis

    Thanks for your upvotes

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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