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    Kerry Miller

    Hi, there are some visual elements of this add on that make it unusable for me. I know that most of the color elements are decided by my theme, but they need to change in order for me to be able to use this. Is it possible to change the color of the ‘Post Review’ button? Currently it is a very light grey color that makes it look unclickable.
    And the rating stars do not appear correctly. I did two test reviews and for both reviews I selected 5 stars, but when they appear they look like 3 stars reviews.
    And lastly there is a weird amount of space within the Reviews block. I would like this have no empty area.

    I’ve linked to screenshots of all of these things:
    Screenshot of ‘Post Review’ button
    Screenshot of how the rating stars appear – these are 5 star reviews but it looks like only 3 stars
    Screenshot of extra space between “2 Reviews” and actual reviews

    I looked at this is two different browsers to see if that changed these appearances – it didn’t.

    Please tell me if there’s a way to change or fix these issues.
    Thank you!

    Andre Flores

    Hi, Kerry!

    As far as I know you have the same request at our Help Desk, ticket #27405. You have received a reply regarding the issue there.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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