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    Liesbeth Hogerbrugge

    I was never prompted to install system pages. How can I create them?
    I am using Divi.

    J. Davis

    Hi Liesbeth,

    Perhaps you previously install the hotel booking plugin on this site and skipped the option to create system pages automatically. You may follow this article to learn what system pages you need to create https://motopress.com/document/hotel-booking-create-system-pages/

    best regards,
    John Davis

    Janina Weghorn

    system pages created for Amenities and categories after clicking “Continue reading”, not getting you back to the pages you click Amenities/Categories but to the page with extension /#more-20..4.
    The page looks exactly like the one you started from but is considered an orphan page. How to get back to the right page like in the Demo?

    Janina Weghorn

    Now I see from the response to my question that page categories/Amenities are archive pages which are system pages.
    I wonder then why on the archive system pages is the Continue Reading button. Where this button from the Archive System Page should get you? And for what?
    I have 15 rooms listed. Each one has several Amenities.
    If I have only one amenity and one category
    I will have one amenity page with 15 listings/images and a Continue Reading Button
    and one Category page with 15 listings/images and a Continue Reading Button
    Total 30 Continue reading buttons which after clicking on it get me to an additional 30 archive system pages. This same for every additional Amenity and Category.
    What also is interesting is that if you choose before you click on Amenities/Categories, reservation dates are the days marked in the reservation form on the “Archive System page”. You may as well make a reservation on this “Archive System page”?
    I was told I can make Amenities and Categories not clickable but the system pages will still exist. I wonder if this makes sense to anyone.

    J. Davis

    Hi Janina,
    By clicking on an amenity or category you will go to the archive page – it will show the list of all accommodation types where the same amenity or category is selected. By clicking on Continue Reading next to the accommodation page, you visit a page of the accommodation type to read the details, view pictures, and check its availability. Those are system pages according to WordPress CMS. You can look for third-party plugins or custom solutions on how to delete the archive pages if you do not need them on your site.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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