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    Sharyn Hall

    I have a house which has 3 rooms with a maximum of 6 guests

    I have made two Accommodation types.

    One type lets a minimum of 1 guest to 6 guests stay.

    The second type only lets a maximum/minimum of two guests stay.

    When clicking on the “Confirm Reservation” taking one to to the “Booking Confirmation” page – when selecting the “Guests” drop down menu “Select” it shows 1 and 2.

    While this has no effect on the price, it does in the “Price Breakdown” can the Guest drop down menu be set for this accommodation only as a “static” 2 guests, without the option of 1 or 2 guests?


    Stacy Lind

    Hi Sharyl,

    I do not quite understand how your rental works. Do customers book the whole house or by room? Is 6 the total capacity of the whole house or each room can accommodate 6 people? Can the whole house/room be booked by one person?

    Sharyn Hall

    Hi Stacy thanks for your reply.

    6 is the total occupancy of the house.

    There are three rooms which can accommodate a max of 2 guests each.

    The whole house can be booked by one person.

    If the house is booked by more than one person then it is all based on a max of two guests per room.

    However if two persons book the whole house – who do not want to share one room – require two beds – eg brother/sister/mother/son/daughter/father/son/daughter/friends etc etc there is an extra charge for linen.

    I have set up a separate Accommodation/Accommodation Type for this but would like it so that this Accommodation/Accommodation Type only can only be booked by a minimum of two persons. eg There is no option for 1 guest on the Booking Confirmation” page – when selecting the “Guests” drop down menu

    I hope that helps to explain.

    Stacy Lind

    Hi Sharyn,

    Please, submit a support ticket with access details to your website and we will add the needed code.

    Gregory Pillis


    I am trying to set up a similar bed and breakfast where guests can book either a room or the whole house. Can you explain to me how you set this up?

    My house also has 3 rooms. I set up 4 accommodations types, one for each room and one for the whole house. I am having issues with syncing the calendars so that if a room is booked, the whole house could be blocked off or vice-versa. This doesn’t appear to be a feature of the plugin, so unfortunately I would have to do it manually.

    Unless the way you have it set up does not have that issue?

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    J. Davis

    Hello Gregory,

    Thank you for your question. We are working on adjusting iCal import/export and will do our best to make it possible to lock export/import bookings within the same site skipping the UID verification.
    We’ll update this topic once we have any news about this update.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

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