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    Jonah Booth-Remmers

    Hi Motopress community,

    I’m building a hotel booking website with the plugin and I have some unique features I need to know if I can do.

    1: Can you set a minimum deposit amount. Eg, $50 or 20%, whichever is higher. So the customer would pay $50 on a cheap accommodation where 20% is a lower amount and 20% wherever it’s a higher amount than $50, on the more expensive accommodations.

    2: Can multiple Accommodation Types be assigned to single physical rooms. Eg, the client will add and remove beds depending on room bookings so a physical room can be booked as both a single and a double room. But I can’t have a single and a double room as separate physical rooms because then a customer can double book the room.
    it would be ideal if they can choose the room, then choose whether to have it as a single or double setup.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    Mary Evans

    Hello Jonah,

    Thank you for the questions.
    1. If you enable deposit payment on your website, there is only one deposit price for all the accommodations available, not depending on their prices.
    However, we will add your request to our feature requests list and can notify you as soon as it gets implemented.
    2. You can add beds as services (video tutorial on how to create services). In this way a guest will be able to add them if needed.

    Best regards,
    Mary Evans
    MotoPress Support

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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