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    Using a theme builder (cornerstone), I would like to be able to modify the availability search results page.

    Thanks to this tool, I can easily modify most of the elements of your plug-in (fortunately) but I am stuck on the results.

    I can use a function called “Looper Provider” and I have the choice between several possibilities: query string, array,
    dynamic content… (more information here).

    So, could you give me some hints to find the right “looper provider” for the search results according to the criteria of dates + number of people in the search form?

    Should I use a WP Query ?
    For example, I can’t find the post_type for accommodations…

    I suspect that you can’t help with another extension, however, only you know what elements are used to identify the queries/names of room types, rooms… etc.

    I am sure that your answer can help more than one person and make up for the non-compatibility of your plug-in with Cornerstone (maybe one day?).

    Looking forward to your feedback, cordially.

    Alex M

    There are several criteria to display accommodations on the search results page:

    • dates
    • attributes
    • booking rules
    • blocked accommodations
    • rate availability
    • booking buffer
    • etc.

    I don’t think that any visual query builder can repeat this logic.

    You may check setupMatchedRoomTypes and getAvailableRoomTypes in /includes/shortcodes/search-results-shortcode.php

    You can modify the search results page with actions, filters and templates.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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