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    Hi guys,

    Let me start by saying that I already tried all available solutions.

    I`ve been emailing Jetpack support a couple of times, but their advice can be summed up as “It happens sometimes”, so I decided to post here.

    Now to the issue at hand:

    I have a BIG issue with Jetpack and want to stop using it. The problem is that the galleries, contact form and testimonials in Aquentro are made with Jetpack.

    The issue is that everytime I restore a backup of a site (with various backup plugins) Jetpack disconnects and I can`t reconnect for a while. That means that all the Aquentro elements made in Jatpack stop functioning and the site breaks.

    That is unacceptable for my client websites.

    I would like to continue using Aquentro, so I decided to delete Jetpack and design those elements myself.

    My questions are:

    1. Have you encountered a similar issue before and what was the suggested solution?
    2. Will the theme continue working properly if I delete Jetpack and design the equivalent missing elements myself?
    3. Will a theme update download Jetpack again?
    4. Do all of your booking themes use Jetpack (e.g. Ciestra, Oceanica) in case I want to buy another one?

    I would be grateful for any input regarding this issue.

    J. Davis

    Hello Mirjana,

    Thank you for your shared experience and accept apologies for a delay. Usually it is quite easy to re-connect with WordPressCOM after site migration. Probably your hosting provider emables some firewall or blocks connection with external platform.
    Though you may enable the dev mode in Jetpack if you experience some connection difficulties. It supports major functionality without the connection with WordPressCOM.
    Actually the template may function without this plugin however you will loose the options you listed in question so you will need to add it in some other way.

    As for other templates where Jetpack is not used so you may take a look at Luviana, Alpenhouse, Ciestra and Campterra (rental themes)

    It is also possible to get all plugins and themes purchasing membership subscription.

    If you have difficulties with current host we’d recommend special WordPress plan from Bluehost.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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