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    Everette Mills

    I am having an issue with featured image display on my website related to the hotel booking plugin. The site is fully up to date with WordPress and the plugin.

    The featured image is present in the html but is not visible on the site. I thought it was do to a lazy load/caching issue, but all of those have been turned off and I am still unable to have them visible.

    See screenshot Screenshot of page and html

    You can see the issue at this url

    Everette Mills

    Continuing work on this issue with a fresh set of eyes today and I am seeing that the height of the box is set to zero for the img tag. Still havent figured out why, but digging down.

    Box values displayed.

    Everette Mills

    It appears the issues is related to a conflict between Kadence and the Hotel booking plugin that I still dont fully understand what is happening.

    When I add this code to the page custom css it fixe the issue, but I am still working to try to fully understand what this is doing in other places.

     .wp-site-blocks .post-thumbnail:not(.kadence-thumbnail-ratio-inherit) img {
     height: auto;
    J. Davis


    I’ve inspected the styles and found that your theme adds a style of height:0 for the class .post-thumbnail which is used in the hotel booking plugin too. You can also override it by using this style:

    .mphb_sc_search_results-wrapper .post-thumbnail {
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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