Issue with AirBnb Sync creating phantom bookings for next day

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    Everette Mills

    Sent this question to support, but didn’t have a suggestion since it appears to be sourced from AirBnb. For 2 of my 3 AirBnB sync’d properties I am getting a phantom booking at 4:55PM each day for the next day. It started on 4/2 and my user that manages the AirBnB indicates that they haven’t made any changes.

    They are coming through as SUMMARY:Airbnb (Not available)

    Screenshot of Reservation

    Has anyone experienced this before and/or have a suggestion on a configuration that might be change on either AirBnb or the plugin?

    J. Davis

    Hi Everette,
    The Hotel Booking plugin imports all the “events” that Airbnb provides in their ical file (by the export URL). Thus you need to check the configurations of Airnb to learn whether it is some booking rule or availability configuration that is added to the export iCal URL. You may also check with Airbnb if there is an option not to add availability settings to export files.

    Everette Mills

    Yes, we understand that the plugin is representing the events as expected, but we are trying to understand the change that we are seeing in the ics and was looking to see if anyone else is experiencing a recent change within AirBnB as of the April 2nd timeframe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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