Inconsistency in the calendar between back-end and front-end

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    Petr Cuber

    For more than a week, we have been trying to contact your support, but after the advice to “translate all rates and sessions,” (which didn’t help – the issue is also in default language) nobody is communicating with us anymore.

    We have a serious issue on our website:
    The calendar on the back-end is not displaying the same state as on the front-end, and this is only with some of the rooms.

    We have the plugin in its latest version, all other plugins were deactivated, and WP is in its latest version.

    Can somebody please help us? This is a serious issue, as you can imagine, when the calendar shows available days that are already booked by someone else.

    Petr Cuber
    J. Davis

    Thanks for contacting us. As a rule, it takes us less than 24 hours to reply to each request on business days. I can not see any request from you since April which has been closed. Did you contact us from another email/account?
    Please navigate to Accommodation > Accommodations (Not Accommodation Types) and make sure the accommodations are not translated or translatable. If you translated accommodations you need to remove the translations and make the post type Accommodations not translatable.

    Petr Cuber

    Hi Mr. Davis,
    Thanks for the information. Accommodations (not accommodation types) are not translated. Please see the screenshot.

    I would like to mention that we have this issue also in the main (English) language, not only in translations.

    I will await and follow your next instructions to solve this issue.


    Petr Cuber
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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