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    Wouter Overveld


    After many attemps im still not getting my website linked to booking.com. Export (bookings from booking.com is working) but my calendar from my website to booking.com (import) is not working.

    I use the Ical link bookings > sync Calendars > export link


    when i add this link to booking.com they keep giving me the error: This is not a valid iCal URL. Please try again

    But when i copie and paste it in my webbrowsers its working en bring my to my calendar (download).

    What im doing wrong?

    Wouter Overveld

    Edit: When i try the motopress demo and use there link then it is working directly.


    What is wrong with my website?

    Wouter Overveld

    they only diffrenet in link is that de demo model have ‘kp7m28cawujet61” in front after the url name. What doeskp7m28cawujet61 mean?

    J. Davis

    Hi Wouter,

    Thanks for your question.

    – please try to open the ical link in a private browser (while you are logged out) and make sure the ICS file can be downloaded successfully. Sometimes the link is valid when you are logged in only.
    – sometimes the ical link is copied with empty spaces before or after the link so you need to make sure there are no empty spaces around the link.
    – some OTAs may not access an ical link if there are no bookings yet. Please check if you have added at least 1 test reservation and try to add the link again
    – check if there is any firewall enabled on your site or server and try to disable it to check if it does not prevent from accepting the URL by third-party OTA.

    As for the dom URL so this part doeskp7m28cawujet61 is kind of Demo ID – it is a part of the demo site URL. It should be added to your website URL.

    Antoine Leblais

    Exact same issue here. Files are downloadable, all looks good, all says OK on both sides, however no possibility to export my calendar to Airbnb or Booking. Urgent !

    J. Davis

    Hi Antoine,
    Please submit a ticket to our support team referring to the current topic. Thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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