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    Scott Lumely

    I downloaded and installed the plug in. I was able to add a comment and have it appear on my page. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have any control over where it was inserted on the page. I did use a shortcode and inserted into Elementor that I think may work… but I still have the unformatted, poorly placed text from the plugin further down my page. I looked to edit the page in both Elementor and WP, but no luck.

    Andre Flores

    Hello Scott,

    The Reviews add-on for Hotel Booking simply overrides default WordPress comment form and adds stars and rating types to it. The form is usually displayed on accommodation type pages, however, it can be also added via shortcode to any desired place on a page:

    [mphb_accommodation_reviews id="XXX"]

    Where XXX is an accommodation type ID.


    Scott Lumely

    ok, I understand that. Currently, none of our Accom Type pages have reviews on them. They were disabled in the options of the WP Page/Post or ea Accom Type.

    Following the install instructions, I turned on comments in the options section of an accom type page as well as in the Settings of WP.

    a proxy comment appeared on my page but it was well down the page and in an odd position on the page. Then I tried inserting your shortcode into an Elementor shortcode container. Which gave me a bit more control.

    But how to get rid of the first proxy comment? I reversed the steps and turned off in options and settings, but they did not disappear. I did shift refresh on the page, but still there… Hmmm, maybe they were cached? I guess I will test without turning on the comments in Options and Settings and only insert a shortcode via Elementor and see what happens.

    Thanks for your help.

    Scott Lumely

    I reactivated the license for the plug in, but turned it off in what I believe are the correct locations, but the reviews are still showing up on all Accom Type Page. Am I going to have to edit the PHP files to remove the from he file?

    A link to the options I have selected in WP Accom Type page options in WP

    and what I am seeing on each accom type page:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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