How to update Hotel Booking Plugin ?

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    I see this message in my PlugIn list next to the Motopress Hotel Booking:
    “There is a new version of Hotel Booking available. View version 2.7.0 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.”

    I’m a bit of a newbie to WordPress but how can I update this plug in if the update does not occur automatically? in other words, how do I update the plug in manually? I purchased the Single use Motopress Hotel plugin. Thanks.


    J. Davis

    Hi George,

    In order to get automatic update you should activate license (you get it if plugin was purchased at this website) of Hotel Booking plugin at Dashboard>Accommodation>Settings>License (tab).

    If the plugin was purchased at one of marketplaces you should learn if newer version is available there (as it may few days more for realese due to approval by their reviewers) and follow its local instruction on how to update the plugin.

    If the plugin was a part of a theme then you need to update theme and only after theme update you will get newer version of Hotel Booking plugin automatically.

    best regards,

    Tom Fuller

    I have a license for Hotel booking plugin. i do NOT see a License tab under Accommodations – Settings. It used to be active. Where do i find the place to reactivate the plugin?

    Mary Evans

    Hello Tom,

    This is strange if the tab has disappeared. Please, create a ticket here to have a closer look at the issue.
    Also, as a workaround, to update the plugin, you can delete an old version and then upload and activate the latest one.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Carol Powell

    I am also trying to update my Hotel Booking plugin. I bought it from this website in November 2020 and it is set to auto updates, but it is still showing version 3.7.6. It is not showing anywhere to “click here for updates”. The license option is not showing under accommodation/settings. If I delete this plugin and re-install it will all the changes to the templates and connecting plugins remain intact. I would really appreciate the update with the ‘Notes” addition.

    I just realised that I have Hotel Booking Lite – the free version – and paid for the Villagio template. Are the updates only for the Hotel Booking full version?


    Andre Flores

    Hello Carol,

    Since the plugin is built in Villagio theme you have purchased, you should make sure to update the theme to the latest version first (v. 1.8.3). Once it is done, you will be able to update the Hotel Booking plugin itself. If you have the Pro version of the plugin activated, you should deactivate the Lite version, as it will be no longer required. All the settings and data will remain in tact.


    Ron Neeleman

    After activating the Pro version and deactivating the Lite version, is it safe to completely delete the Lite version?


    Andre Flores

    Hello Ron,

    Sure, if everything is in tact after deactivating the Lite version and activating the Pro one, you may remove the Lite version completely. Feel free to back it up before removing just in case.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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