How to find room_id

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    Tom Suhler

    I need to find the room id to use in this short code
    [mphb_room id=”????” title=”true” featured_image=”true”]
    I can see the Accommodations that I’ve created but don’t see the room_id associated with each.


    Tom Suhler

    Maybe this will not get me what i want.

    Have two accommodations.
    I want to display both on a page.
    All I seem to generate is a page with the accommodation type.

    I want:

    Room 1 + details

    Room 2 + details.

    Is this possible?

    J. Davis

    Hi Tom, Yes sure you can add the shortcodes of each accommodation type/Room. To find the ID of the accommodation go to Dashboard > Accommodation > Accommodation Types and hover the cursor over the needed accommodation type. Thus you will see the ID.
    Let me know if it is helpful.

    Janina Weghorn

    Where to look for IDs for generated rooms?

    I have generated 3 rooms. Room Number 2,3,6.
    I see only one ID and it looks like it applies to room #2. Also, the Ical is not working for rooms 3,6. I Can not sync it with Booking. Where else to look for room IDs?
    Now you will think that ical link will have the same room IDs but they are all different. No one is matching.
    For example, Room#2 ID 20484 but ical link looks like this:
    You may get completely lost if the numbers are getting so high.
    Anyway to cut it short?

    J. Davis

    Hi Janina,
    The IDs of accommodation types and accommodations (their units) differ. Could yu please specify what exactly you wish to achieve so that we can guide you further?

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