How to change font colours for accommodation type widget in elementor

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    David Byron Johnson

    Hi, I am building a home page using elementor. I have added the accommodation type widget via elementor however i am finding that some of the default font colours are the same as the background colour.

    For example, the h2 heading is colour is #455D58 so if I use that colour as a background, then I can’t see the h2 heading.

    I have managed to change h2 using

    h2 { color:#EAD27E; }

    but I dont know how to change the colour of the other elements such as

    details and so on.

    The accommodation type widget in elementor only has content and advance…there is no third style tab which is where I would normally look to make these adjustments.

    I also admit….I have very little coding knowledge so I am struggling to do this through custom ccs.

    I cant share a link as my site is not live but any/all advice will be very welcome.


    Andre Flores

    Hello David,

    Most elements colors in the Hotel Booking plugin are changed via CSS, so you will need to add custom CSS rules in order to change the price, icons, hover color etc. You will find an example of how to do that in this article.
    The following article will also be useful to you as it explains how to use Inspect Element browser feature to find needed elements classes and styles for them:
    It would be more helpful if you could upload your website to some temporary live server, so I could check it and provide you with exact CSS code you need.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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