How to ask for deposit and full amount with Payment Request addon?

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    Sam Pardey

    We have installed this plug in and we want it to ask for the customer to pay the full amount owed for the booking when they book. We then want it to send an automatic payment request for an ADDITIONAL deposit a couple of weeks before their booking.

    It currently only gives me the option for them to pay the full amount and nothing else, or pay the deposit and then it uses this as a contribution to the full amount.

    We want them to pay a refundable deposit as well as the full amount.

    Please could you advise as how to do this.


    J. Davis

    Hi Sam,

    The payment request addon sends a request basing on the Hotel booking configuration. Hotel booking assumes payment of either deposit or full amount. So far there is no option to let the guest choose the type of payment. We do have such a feature request (to let the guest pay deposit instead of the full amount by payment request link for manually approved booking).
    I have added your up-vote to it as well. In case there are more requests from other users, we might consider adding such a possibility in one of the plugin future updates.
    As for the possibility to request an additional deposit, I am afraid it is not possible to request any additional payments, provided the full amount has been paid.
    At the moment there is no inbuilt tool or functionality to add a fixed Security Deposit fee separate from the total amount of the reservation that might be refunded automatically. We have this task in our list of features and we will update this article if we have any news about the implementation. You may also leave your votes, thoughts, suggestions, examples of similar solutions in the comments below. Meanwhile, you may add a Security Deposit as a Mandatory Fee at Bookings > Taxes and Fees. Please find the detailed instruction on how to implement that here:

    Best Regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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