How to add a lot of seasons/rates

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    We are currently managing for a client with 5 unique accommodation types. Each one has a different price for weekends vs weekdays as well as some other days. So for one of the five locations

    Riverside Cabin
    In Season Weekday – $209/night
    In Season Weekend – $239/night
    Off Season weekday – $179/night
    Off Season weekend – $199/night
    plus various holidays during the year where the rate changes.

    Am I going to have to create a season then rate for each of these? If so that is going to be 104 entries + the misc holidays for each separate accommodation?

    Also am I going to have to manually adjust these each year?

    Andre Flores

    Hello Jeffrey,

    Yes, that is correct, you will need to create rates for each accommodation type. If seasons match, then you may use them for all the accommodations, however, rates must be unique. You may use “Duplicate Rate” option in order to make the rates configuration process easier and faster (you will need to change the rate name and prices for added seasons if needed).
    For the next year, you may create new seasons and include them in existing rates, there is no need to create new rates each season.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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