Hotel Booking plugin crashes site after Deleting Accommodation Data~

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    Arturo Alvarez


    I’ve submitted a support ticket already and have not heard back from support yet. Perhaps I can get some guidance here?

    I am using Divi and also installed the Hotel Booking plugin AND the Hotel Booking + Divi Integration plugin.
    Plugin & Theme Summary:
    WP v4.9.8
    Motopress Hotel Booking
    Motopress Hotel Booking + Divi Integration
    Divi Theme
    Everything was fine and I had about 1 week invested into the front-end design. Then I began adding dummy Accomodation data to finish building out the site with the Search Capability to show the client. I wasn’t happy with the dummy data, so I deleted what I had input (ie Accomodation Types, Rates, Services, etc.) and was going to reinput some more dummy data (but alittle more realistics this time, with titles and categories, etc.)

    Suddenly after deleting the Accomodation Data, the website no longer functions now. It has created sometype of conflict and I cannot get the page to load. If I disable the Hotel Booking plugin, the website loads fully, but obviously now the shortcodes for the Hotel Booking plugin dont work and I only see the shortcode text.

    Has anyone else had this problem?? I thought this was a solid plugin but it seems that it may not be after all. AND YES I PAID THE $59 plugin fee on So not happy about that either…

    Thanks guys!

    Arturo Alvarez

    Hello again, just need to update this post as I finally figured out it is not correct. The website error is not related to deleting Accommodation data (ie types, rates, etc.). It is related to something else, but if I post here, Motopress probably won’t get back to me for another week. Their customer support is very poor.

    But just in case you’re reading this…it is not deleting that causes this fatal error.

    J. Davis

    Hello Arturo,

    Thank you for your feedback however we could not replicate the issue locally. It looks like a unique case related to your server software or your WordPress installation only. Anyway we’ll update this topic if we manage to replicate the case you have described. Thanks.
    We do our best to reply once a day within working days in your requests. Thank you for understanding.

    best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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