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    Julien BLANCHARD


    I’ve a big issue with the calendar internal & external synchronisation.

    My situation is simply : I’ve a website where there are 3 accommodations ( 2 apartments and 1 “entire house” (which includes the 2 apartments) ). These 2 apartments have Airbnb and Bookings Icals. There is no problem with that.

    BUT, when I want to link these Icals to the entire house, there is a problem:

    ~for example :
    – the first apartment is booked from June 1 to 20
    – the seconde one is booked from June 12 to 25

    well, the calendar of the entire House just take consideration 1 of the 2 links because there is a fight between the “same” dates and then he will be blocked just for 12 / 25 June while it would be blocked from June 1 until 25.

    Also, I tried another method : I did exactly what is written there:

    BUT, there is the same issue with the conflict between the dates. And also, I’ve the impression that my internal calendar synchronization bug because (like they said in the link) for the entire house, I put the internal Ical of my 2 apartments but… looks like the same or another issue …

    Can someone has the same trouble with that plugin? How did u resolved it?
    I hope to find an answer soon enough. Thanks to those who will respond!

    Andre Flores

    Hello Julien,

    Please note that internal synchronization of accommodation types with each other appears to be just a workaround, which still requires manual admin control in order to avoid overbooking.
    The scenario you have described is absolutely correct, as you can not import two different bookings into a single calendar in case booking dates are partially or fully overlapped. If you check your sync logs you might find a similar error there: When one of the apartment bookings is imported to the entire house calendar, the second apartment booking will not be imported, as dates are partially blocked – this is correct flow and how synchronization works.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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