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    James Woods

    Is there a way to make the Accommodation Type Widget (slider) show up on the top of a page other than a page configured with a template type of “Front Page”. If not through configuration… can it be done with modifying one of the php files?


    Andre Flores

    Hello James,

    The widget area is registered in the sidebar-frontpage.php file in the theme:

    <?php if ( is_active_sidebar( 'sidebar-5' ) ) : ?>
    	<aside id="homepage-widgets" class="homepage-widgets" role="complementary">
    		<div class="homepage-widget-area">
    			<?php dynamic_sidebar( 'sidebar-5' ); ?>
    		</div><!-- .widget-area -->
    		<div class="clear"></div>
    	</aside><!-- .homepage-widgets -->
    <?php endif;

    You may try including it in other page templates, which are applied to other pages or create a new page template and include the code there, so you could use it on any desired page.


    James Woods

    Thanks Andre. I’ll give it a try.

    Andre Flores

    You are most welcome. It would be very much appreciated if you share your positive feedback about the Villagio theme at:

    Thank you in advance!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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