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    Nicole Paton


    I have come across something which I thought would be stock standard functionality however it seems that is not the case…

    I cannot charge a fee (under fees and taxes) depending on which Payment Gateway they choose.

    Eg. Direct deposit has no fees meanwhile paying via Stripe we have to oncharge the 1.75% fee which stripe charges us.

    Can this functionality please be added as it’s kind of critical?

    How does everyone else deal with charging a fee to pay by credit card (credit card surcharge) if fees can only be assigned to certain rooms and not certain payment gateways?

    Please don’t suggest that we don’t charge a credit card surcharge at all. That would be my preference (I personally hate them) but I am not the person who makes that call.



    Mickael Quirin

    Unfortunately you can’t at the moment.
    The only solution I see right now is to use woocommerce to handle the payment (they provide a way to add such fees).
    The downside is that:
    1 motopress will not be aware of thoses fees (not showed in the motopress invoice but showed on the woocommerce invoice) neither the exact payment gateway (only woocommerce will be shown in motopress).
    2. price will change between motopress checkout page and woocommerce checkout page.

    Nicole Paton

    Hi Mickael,

    Thanks very much for your response and suggestions.

    I had thought of and tested this workaround myself however it had a number of limitations so I decided it was not really ideal.

    I actually first thought of using woocommerce for a workaround to a slightly different but related issue I was having with fees and taxes where a 100% off discount coupon does not remove the fees. I needed it to be totally free when using the coupon. WooCommerce can do this but not Motopress Hotel Bookings.

    Unfortunately using WooCommerce as the payment gateway has other issues which make it inferior from a user experience perspective.

    As such it would be great if these limitations could be ironed out in Motopress.

    Mickael Quirin

    To bypass that, you can eventually use a coupon system with woocommerce and not with motopress, you remove the coupon field in motopress checkout form and activate it in the woocommerce one.

    Nicole Paton

    Yes, that is exactly the workaround I devised, however I don’t like using the WooCommerce checkout for Motopress as it’s an extra page / stage in the customer checkout experience and it has other issues like sessions with an accommodation product left in the cart so you can’t buy anything else and not all payment methods updating the booking to confirmed upon payment.

    J. Davis

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have such a task in our list of features so I’ve added your upvote. We will update this topic once we have any news.

    best regards,
    John Davis

    Maurice Couwenberg

    upvote for this funcionality, the earlier implemented the better.

    J. Davis

    Thanks for your feedback.

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