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    Tim Sutherland

    Hi team

    This app is a bit of a game changer so I hope more time is invested into this into the future.

    Something I think would be a great addition is the ability to view information about the booking, ideally all the completed bookings fields + any custom fields.

    A great example here in Australia is camping bookings. Bookings are generally made by sites and number of vehicles on the site. How site managers will then check that campers are who they are and are paid up etc… is by doing a quick trip around the grounds and check off vehicle registrations against bookings.

    Workaround for now is that campers check-in with caretakers when they arrive at camp, however it’d be great for the caretaker to use the app to see this information.

    Perhaps as an alternative (just thought of it while typing this), would it be possible to simply allow the user to ‘open’ the booking details in WordPress from the app? This should then give all the info required (although not as elegant as the app).

    More than happy to help with scope of this change and beta testing as I think it has some great synergies with other feature requests in this forum.

    Tim Sutherland

    Quick update on this one. As a workaround for my use case currently I can simply get customers to use the notes field to enter vehicle registration details.

    This way the caretaker no longer needs to have access to WordPress for any of his daily tasks – winning!

    J. Davis

    Hi Tim, thanks for your feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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