Feature Request: Payment Plan Option

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    Alana Wells

    I was wondering if it would be possible through the payment request plugin to set up a number of scheduled payments.

    For instance, user pays 25% deposit upon booking a vacation home 12 months out. If they select option to do payment plan (either if I can set up manually, though automatically would be preferred), have emails for payment requested come from the system to request a payment each month until balance is paid.

    Rather than just sending one email a certain number of days prior to check-in date.

    Mary Evans

    Hello Alana,

    For now, there is no such functionality within the Payment Request addon. With the addon, the balance payment request link can be sent only once in a certain number of days.
    Also, we have not been requested for such a feature before.

    In case anybody else needs this functionality, feel free to leave your upvotes here, for our developers to consider this idea.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Dumitru Marian Toma

    I need the same functionality, so how do I upvote?

    Andre Flores

    Hello Dumitru,

    Thank you for your up-vote, it has been counted. If there are more requests from other users, we might consider implementing this feature in one of the plugin future updates.



    +1 from us.


    Andre Flores

    Thank you for your up-vote, it has been counted.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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