Feature request: Deposit of two nights

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    Make Customers AS – Mats Holmvik


    I want to be able to set the option to have deposits for two nights price.

    Example 1: Customer rent a cabin for 7 days, I set deposit to be 2 days, different seasons have different prices. So it calculates this.

    Example 2: Customer rents 2 nights, still get 2 nights deposit.

    (Ps. my bookingrules states 2 night minimum stay)

    I am currently trying to modify this with PHP in the plugin, but still in discovery mode both in Motopress Hotelbooking plugin and in Woocommerce gateway. If someone know how to bypass this please put me in the right direction.

    Make Customers AS – Mats Holmvik

    I did find a place to override the deposit of percent:

    In a file called booking.php in Hotel-Booking->includes->entities

    In function: public function calcDepositAmount($total = null)

    Got the total price, divided by days of stay, x2.

    Not the best, but a way to fix it temporarily.

    g wr

    same thing for one night:

    $deposit = $total / (DateUtils::calcNightsSinceToday($this->checkOutDate) - DateUtils::calcNightsSinceToday($this->checkInDate));

    J. Davis


    Thanks for contacting us and for sorting this out on your own.
    Note: we do not offer customization orders at the moment.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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