Extra person surcharges

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    John Lison


    I have a situation where I have room types but a variable number of guests allowed in each room type

    Studio 2-3 people
    1 bed 2-4 people

    I would like to charge a standard flat rate for minimum number of people and add a surcharge for each person extra

    1 bed $50 per night based on 2 people
    $10 extra person/night

    I have thought of using an accommodation hierarchy to overcome this
    STUDIO (Category)
    Studio 2 people (Accomodation Type)
    Studio 2 people (Accomodation Type)

    1 BED
    1 bed 2 people
    1 bed 3 people
    1 bed 4 people

    The problem would be that One unit would have to have 3 different “Accommodations” to

    1 Bed (Apartment 112) 2 people
    1 Bed (Apartment 112) 3 people
    1 Bed (Apartment 112) 3 people

    I am looking for a more elegant solution.

    Could anyone advise me on this, any help would be appreciated.


    Stacy Lind

    Hi John,

    You can create an accommodation type with a price for minimum people. Then add a service to it that will be called Extra bed with its price and let your guests tick this service on the check out page. Let us know if that is the result that you want to achieve.

    John Lison


    Thanks for the advice, this gets the job done.
    I also have entered 2 different rates:

    Studio 2 pers 141$
    Studio 3 pers 171$

    and then the guests can choose the required rate.

    Both methods work, I will see which my client prefers.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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