Emails sent out before payment with Payment Request and Notifier exts.

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    Ally Baxter


    Having a problem with the combination of the notifier extension with the payment request extension. I have a site for a single property that needs each booking confirmed by admin. Once the booking is requested, the only way to request payment for it is to mark the booking as ‘confirmed’, but if that happens and the booking date is fairly close, it triggers all of the notifier emails to go out to the customer before they have even paid – that includes all of the holiday details that they shouldn’t receive before payment. Is there something I can do about it? Surely it would make more sense to be able to send a payment request with the booking status as ‘pending payment’? It renders the whole thing useless otherwise!


    Andre Flores

    Hello Ally,

    The Payment Request add-on only sends out requests for payment for confirmed bookings by default. There is no option to send the request for payment for “Pending” ones, as the Admin may want to decline booking and allowing guests to pay for such bookings is not quite correct.
    You may set the payment request link to be sent to your guests earlier than notifications from Notifier add-on, e.g. send payment request the same day the booking was confirmed, and then notifications to be sent several days before the check-in.


    Ally Baxter

    Hi Andre,

    Thanks for the response. That is not the problem though – it would only need be changed to ‘pending payment’ if the booking was accepted and this would be done manually. But currently the only way to ask for payment is if the status is changed to ‘confirmed’, but it would only be fully confirmed and ready for the information emails when the payment comes through. So maybe there needs to be another status where it’s confirmed but awaiting payment? This really is a big problem, and I’m really not sure how I can use all the plugins without some sort of work around or fix.

    The notifications ARE set as being sent x days before check-in, so the problem only happens if it is a last minute booking, but that’s still not a good thing to happen. Is there no way to rectify this?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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