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    I’m testing your demo online and I must say that the plugin is very easy to use.

    One thing I did not figure out if the plugin has the option to set 2 rates for the double room.

    As at, when requesting availability if I put 1 adult per double room the price is 40, but always for the double room I request availability for 2 adults the price should be 50.

    Sorry for my English, and I do not know if I managed to make me understand, but I did not find this thing in the demo.

    Thanks for your info

    Stacy Lind


    Currently, the plugin does not charge a different price depending on the number of people automatically. However, you can set up two rates for the same season and the same room, but with different prices (Accommodation > Rates), e.g. Single Occupancy Rate and Double Occupancy Rate. Both rates will be displayed on the checkout page and your customers can pick the needed one. The total price of the booking is then counted automatically considering the chosen rate.

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