Do I have a better way at populating a with menu items?

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    I started learning WordPress less than two weeks ago and I’m experimenting with the ecosystem by creating a simple pizza restaurant website (which I may also decide to publish).

    One of the pages of this site is intended to display a menu with a list of menu items (specifically: pizza name, list of ingredients and price). I wished to use a <table> and so I did.

    Not having much experience with WordPress (and CMSs in general) I’m wondering if the solution I attempted is best than any other. Since I didn’t seem to find any APIs (both from WordPress and the Restaurant Menu plugin) I dug a little into the source code and, even more extensively, explored the structure of the MySQL database.

    In short, my solution at creating a <table> in a page of the website and populating it can be summarized as follows:

    1. I created a custom template page-menu-lb.php in the folder of the child theme I had initiated earlier;
    2. I inspected how the data inputted in the dashboard was stored in the database tables, and learned about the wpdb class for creating custom queries to the database;
    3. I created some .php files to query the database and store the collected data in an objected-oriented fashion. As I am dealing with pizzas, I created a Pizza class with the required attributes.

    Now, the code required me more development time than I expected, but all in all it is working fine. What I’m rather more interested in knowing is: am I writing idiomatic code? Does the Menu Restaurant plugin allow to better integrate code such as this? I read about the suggestion of using actions and filters in this site, but I really didn’t find more documentation describing how to do that, and specifically for my case I don’t even know if that can help me.

    Can you answer these questions, and possibly refer to the style adopted by WordPress and your plugin?


    It seems like the site filtered out some of the characters in the title. It should read as:

    Do I have a better way at populating a \<table\> with menu items?

    J. Davis


    Thank you for clarification and sent example in a request. Doe to that example you can easily add custom styles to add borders to list view. You’ll get the same result.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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