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    Mathieu Castonguay

    Hello, we have a 5 room hostel and are renting the rooms at different rates.
    We also have different fishing, hunting and kayaking packages. All our packages include 5 nights in one of our rooms.
    What’s the best way to sell a 5 day fishing package for $ 3000 and pair it with a room of $ 100 a night. We want to force 5 nights when it’s a package, but clients can also rent the room daily.

    Andre Flores

    Hello Mathieu,

    The best way would be creating those packages as separate accommodation types with minimum stay set to 5 nights and price per night set to $700 ($3500 for the whole package with a 5 night stay).
    You might also need to sync your rooms with corresponding packages, so in case package is purchased the room included in it is not available for the same dates and vice-versa. You will find more information in this article.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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