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    Sara GarcĂ­a Vega


    We are testing the booking system and when we book a room, the booking number of Motopress is different from the order number of WooCommerce.

    For example, the WooCommerce number is 27184, while MotoPress number is 27180.

    We need to solve this issue, it is pretty annoying for my client and the customer.The numbers should be the same, as it is the same booking.


    Hi Sara, I don’t think this can be done due to the nature HB works. Since WooCommerce is an add-on, it would trigger its own ‘post’ (=booking) numbers. I think the only way around this is if you pick either HB or Woocommerce and only allow the send one confirmation to the guest, not through both.

    Mary Evans


    Yes, it is correct that there is added Booking then Payment under Hotel Booking and then Order from WooCommerce if guest used integrated payment gateway. Unfortunately, there is not an option to keep the same ID for all 3 post types as WordPress registers them as separate posts and assigns unique ID. Though of you check Booking you will be able to find Payment ID and if you check Payment you will find assigned Order ID so you may easily identify the Booking with the Order.
    So, it is not an error that the booking ID and the payment ID are different.

    Best regards,
    M. Evans

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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