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    Is anybody developing a website with this theme using MAMP or XAMPP?

    I’ve been experiencing major problems getting the theme to import all the relevant info (pages, images, etc) so that I can start editing the webpages.

    The problem is not helped by:
    A) The bundled documentation is extremely sparse on information – a lack of detail/clarity on when to install/utilise the Child theme and it doesn’t even mention if and when the licence key needs to be activated.

    B) Dependence on the ‘One Click Demo Import’ plugin that is required to import all pre-assembled pages, images, etc. This plugin appears incompatible with the latest 5.3.2 version of WP (for me at least) and has not been updated for 5 months (since WP 5.2.5)

    C) Lack of any urgency by tech support to answer/solve the questions, hence my asking questions on this forum.

    So, I’m trying to establish if MAMP or the plugin is causing my current problems.

    MotoPress, in their solitary message to me, have so far only suggested I look at installing on a live server – and tried to sell Bluehost to me yet again. Nowhere in their documentation does it suggest the theme should be installed on a live server. And anyway, why can’t the theme include all the bundled content in the zip file they initially supply??

    Help in this matter would be extremely welcome.

    Alex M

    Hi Aaron,

    1. First of all you should check MAMP works.
    2. Create new database, write your local domain to host file, install WordPress etc.
    3. Activate default theme like 2019 or 2020.
    4. Create a page, add an image and visit your website and make sure everything works.
    5. Activate Luviana theme. Follow notice to install and activate required plugins.
    6. Navigate to Import Demo Data menu to import sample data.
    7. Press Import and wait 3-5 minutes depending on your server.

    If there are errors write them in a comment here or make a screenshot.

    Child theme is optional. You may install and activate it if you plan to modify styles or functionality of your theme.

    [email protected]

    Thanks Alex, for your reply. The theme (in part) was displaying within MAMP, but it was only showing a very basic homepage (Hello World) utilising a few of the fonts and colours from the Luviana theme. The theme’s pages and most of the media files were refusing to import. It wasn’t displaying an error, just saying “import complete” (or words to that effect) after a couple of seconds – clearly not enough time to import all the data. I did try importing from the XML and WIE files separately which only added a couple of images to my media folder. I would therefore state this theme doesn’t work with MAMP, which is a shame.

    Instead, I am now developing via a subdomain of the website that will ultimately be replaced. Working this way, the plugin now appears to have properly imported all of the Luviana theme, so my problem is solved – albeit not in the way I would have preferred. I suppose I could always now copy the contents of my theme’s folder from the host site back into MAMP?

    Alex M

    Hi Aaron,

    You are right. Demo import doesn’t work on MAMP for me too. I get this error:

    [29-Jan-2020 22:10:46 UTC] PHP Warning: XMLReader::read(): buffer full/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/luviana.loc/wp-content/themes/luviana/assets/demo-data/luviana.xml:1: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/luviana.loc/wp-content/plugins/one-click-demo-import/vendor/proteusthemes/wp-content-importer-v2/src/WXRImporter.php on line 343

    And I didn’t find any solution, bug or discussion.
    Only this thread with the similar issue

    I also tried to import XML via default WordPress Importer plugin without success.

    But there are several solutions:

    1. Use Apache and PHP that are already on your machine(macOS).

    Install MySQL, create database, create local domain, enable vhost… etc. Not so simple as MAMP.

    Here is a tutorial

    Follow this link if you want to upgrade PHP

    And it works. Here is a result:
    Luviana theme on macOS server

    2. Use XAMPP.

    Configuration is the same as MAMP. I used XAMPP 7.2.26.

    Here is a result:
    Luviana theme on XAMPP

    While theme and demo-import work on openserver, web hosting, macOS built-in server and XAMPP I think that the issue is MAMP modules or configuration.

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