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    Andrew Coton

    Hello there

    I am working on a guest house site for my client using your plugin. They have 10 rooms, all of which are unique to each other. There are 4 accommodation types, two sizes of the family room, single and double rooms. There are 4 single rooms and 4 double rooms, all charging the same rate etc, but the photography and views etc are very different. Is there a way to show this in the individual accomodation?

    At the moment I have it set up so that each room is its own accomodation type, but that will create issues when searching for double or single rooms etc, also with their booking dot com listing.

    Andre Flores

    Hello Andrew,

    If each room appears to be unique, you should indeed create each one as a separate accommodation type, so your guests could select desired room. Could you provide some more information on the issues that occur with search and syncing with


    Andrew Coton

    Thank you for your reply

    I do now have each room set up as an accommodation type, listings now re3flect that and from that point of view things are ok.

    I am now having a different problem where the calendars won’t sync. I have left most settings as the default unless I had a good reason to change them. When I go to the syncing tab, I am presented with a link, which I am to copy and paste from the motopress plugin and copy into the calendar section. When I do this, presents an error “This is not a valid iCal URL. Please try again.” I have made sure that “Do not export imported bookings” box is not ticked.

    Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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