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    Jonathan Keller

    Currently we have:
    Pending Admin
    Pending User Confirmation

    I would like to add the status Credit.. Right now I’m storing all these old reservations under Abandoned.

    Is there a safe way to do this.. bookings are stored as a custom post type no?? should be simple enough to do…. but don’t want to screw anything up. 😛

    Thoughts comments, feature request perhaps…

    Pavel Lukáš

    I requested this option to mark as PAID already a year ago, to no avail. It would then be easy to filter all already paid and unpaid reservations.

    Jonathan Keller

    Bookings should be set to “Confirmed” when paid.
    If the booking is paid it should be “Confirmed” so the inventory is no longer available and you don’t get double bookings etc.

    My request would be that for a new status of “Credit” the booking should basically have the same status as “Cancelled” and not effect room inventory.

    Sorry was trying to understand the use scenario for you but we already have any new reservation would be some form of pending depending on your set-up and then of course confirmed, not sure why you would want to mark as paid, the reservation should be “Confirmed”, just my opinion. 😀

    J. Davis

    Hi Jonathan,
    The statuses like Abandoned or Canceled may incorrectly display information in the report revenue charts at Bookings > Reports. So I would not recommend using these statuses for successful reservations in the past.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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