Coupon not working with Woocommerce

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    Using Hotel booking + Woocommerce for additional payment methods:
    Guest is booking the property, forgets to use the coupon.
    In Reservations > All bookings > Extra information I can select the coupon and the total amount is adjusted. Sending payment request.

    In Woocommerce > Orders: the price is still the regular price, no coupon discount is applied. So the payment provider is still charging the full amount and the payment is cancelled by the guest.

    How to fix this? Do we need to make 2 coupons? One for Hotel Booking and one for Woo? And how is that going to work on the front end?

    Alex M

    The Hotel Booking plugin doesn’t send discount codes to WooCommerce. It only sends the final price of the booking that must be paid.
    To edit an order in WooCoommerce, you need to change the status back to Pending as described in WooCommerce.

    We had tested all variants together with “Payment Request” and “WooCommerce Payments” addons and we did not see any issues. Please provide us with the details of your settings (confirmation mode, deposit or full amount) and steps to reproduce the issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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