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    This may have been covered before, so apologies.
    Having trouble understanding or finding a solution to displaying both the correct Prices Start at on the home page and at the same time adding an additional Price per Night rate that is then accurate so that the search facility is able then to use the correct daily rates in relation to the number of nights requested.
    I understand the first number of nights which can’t be changed takes this nightly rate and multiplies it by 7, to show a weekly ‘Prices Start at £XX’ on the home page. And that would be fine, I guess if we rented for a minimum 7 day period, but we don’t have a minimum number of nights.
    So need a solution to where the Prices Start at on the home page is correct but also crucially the daily rate for usually a minimum of a 3 night stay up to 7 nights or more the prices are also correct – obviously the daily rate for a 3 night stay is different to say a 7 night one.
    As an example on the Artist’s Studio it says prices start from £490 for 7 nights, where as on the home page its from £225?
    Some advice would be useful please.
    Many thanks

    Stacy Lind

    Hi Jonathan,

    ‘Prices start at: £225 for 7 nights’ is displayed for us on the front page and on the page of Artist’s Studio. If the property can be booked for any number of nights, make sure to add a 1 night min stay rule in Bookings > Booking Rules.
    If it does not help, please, submit a support ticket.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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