Children Age pricing?

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    Michaela Wimmer

    it is very common in Austria to have a discount for children if they are
    under 14 (-50%) and 15-18 (-20%) only if they sleep on an additional movable bed for example.

    Is there a way to handy this system in the Hotel Booking-Module?
    E.g. they have to enter the age of the children 1 2 n after selecting n Children.

    I thought about adding additional service, but the price is chanching per room cathegorie and season…

    Please help us with our problem.
    Thank you very much,
    kind regards

    J. Davis

    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for your question. Thus is rather personalized request as there are different variations of children age within each country or rental property and we can not provide solution for each one. There is possibility to indicate different price for capacity children capacity while working with rates.
    If you have more age variations we recommend to provide discount codes for your guests to get discounts.
    Or you may create few different rates for each case and age variation. So your guests will pick the proper rate on the checkout.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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