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    Make Customers AS – Mats Holmvik

    Hi I have searched and tried to get the following answers:

    1. Checkin time
    I want people to check in all the way until 22:00 if a room is available, but if I set example 22:00 it will not allow bookings after 22:00 and display checkin time from 22:00. How can I setup so that they can check inn until 22:00 but it will display “checkin time from 13:00”

    2. The calendar in backend is handy for an overview, is it possible to display it on frontend for easy overview if available rooms?

    3. Can I sell Services after they have booked? Like if they get a room and later will add spa treatments or dinner?

    Mary Evans


    1. It is possible to specify the needed check-in/out time, under your dashboard > Accommodation > Settings > Check-in/out Time.
    There is no possibility to specify check-in/out time from and until.

    2. You may display availability calendars of certain accommodation types separately on the page, with the shortcode [mphb_availability_calendar id="999" monthstoshow="2,3"] where 999 is the needed accommodation type ID.

    3. Services cannot be sold separately from reservations at the moment.
    We’ve added your request to the feature requests list and will notify you as soon as it gets implemented.
    If anybody else needs this feature, feel free to leave your upvotes here.

    Nevertheless, note that since the 3.8.0 version of Hotel Booking, there was added the possibility to edit existing bookings: you can now update check-in and check-out dates, rates, services, etc., as well as add, replace, or remove accommodations in the original bookings.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Thomas Kolnowski

    Hello again, Mary and MotoPress team. Please add our +1 upvote to the “3. Services cannot be sold separately from reservations at the moment” feature. We are seeing a demand for more add-on services with our hotelier clients, and they have been asking for this.

    Furthermore, they are also asking for an easy way to view the add-on services that have been sold with bookings. Right now, they have to dig through all of the details of individual bookings in order to find the services that have been purchased for a given day, or export them from Bookings>Export Bookings – which is inconvenient for housekeeping staff.

    In many cases, these are items such as fruit baskets, bottles of wine, etc. that need to be placed in the room prior to traveler arrival.

    Thank you again for your consideration.

    Thomas Kolnowski
    Digitized House Media, LLC

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Thomas!

    Starting from version 3.8.0 the Hotel Booking plugin allows the feature to edit existing bookings. This feature can be used to add more services to an existing booking in case your Guests decide to order some of them. Besides, there is a full price breakdown with all the ordered services included, so it will help to easily check what services have already been ordered by your Guests:
    Let me know if this helps.


    Maurice Couwenberg

    referring to your function to add services via edit reservation. This works fine but a lot of these services are also “small ones” e.g. requested a few days ahead of check in or used during the stay and have to be put on the invoice. It would be good if we can add a function to show services or not in the front end. In this way we can use the back end to add some.
    Alternative / in addition it would be great if the customer could late on update the reservation with these kind of smaller services. So perhaps 3 “show” possibilities (yes/no by customer in the front end during reservation, yes/no by hotelowner / user in back end, yes/no by customer during update reservation (with or without payment option – I think without is sufficient, these costs will be paid locally.
    Perhaps you know a work around for the time being? thanks in advance, Maurice

    Andre Flores

    Hello Maurice,

    Thank you for your suggestions, it is much appreciated. A workaround would be having services created in the back-end but not assigned to any accommodation type – this will make sure these services are not displayed on the front end. Once you need to add them to existing bookings, you will need to assign the service in question to corresponding accommodation type and then add it in the booking. As far as I know your guests will not be charged automatically for such added services, however the invoice will be affected by the service price. So you will be able to charge your guests locally for such added services.


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