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    When a user uses the input fields to manually type in the check-in date and check-out date, the dates are shown on the calendar picker, but hitting the ‘check availability’ button returns a ‘request is not valid’ type of message. See attachment

    Is there a way to make manual type input work ~or~ disable the manual input option?

    Mary Evans


    There is no such option to disable entering Check-in/out dates manually. It can be done only by overriding the plugin code.

    Also, note that if you’ve added the general search form (with the shortcode [mphb_availability_search]) then it will be possible to select all the dates for check-in/out in the popup calendar.
    However, if you add a booking form of a specific accommodation type, unavailable dates will be crossed out. For this, use the shortcode [mphb_availability id=”777″] where 777 is the needed accommodation type id.

    Best regards,
    Mary Evans

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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